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IAA Council

The IAA is governed by a Council elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting, traditionally being the last meeting of the season towards the end of April.

A new Council was voted in at the AGM held on 18th April 2012.

The full Council is as follows:-


Mr Paul Evans

Vice President

Mrs Josephine Magill

Vice President

Mr David Stewart

Hon. Secretary

Mr Danny Collins

Hon Treasurer / Membership Secretary

Mrs Josephine Magill

Media / Publicity

Mr Terry Moseley


Mr Paul Evans

Stardust Editor

Dr Andy McCrea

Observing Co-Ordinator Mr David Stewart

Ordinary Members




Mr David Collins

Mr Philip Baxter

Mr George Brannan

Mr Pat O'Neill



Ex-Officio Members

Prof. Mark Bailey, Director, Armagh Observatory


Dr Tom Mason, Director, Armagh Planetarium


Prof. Stephen Smartt, Astrophysics Research Centre, School of Maths and Physics, Queen's University Belfast


Mr Robert Hill, Northern Ireland Space Office

Back L-R: George Brannan, Terry Moseley, Philip Baxter, Danny Collins, David Collins, Paul Evans

Seated L-R: Andy McCrea, Jo Magill, David Stewart, Pat O'Neill

(C) IAA 2012