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The Irish Astronomical Association was formed in 1974 and draws its 200 members from both the UK and Ireland. The IAA membership ranges from complete beginners to accomplished observers and astro photographers.

Triple Conjunction - Venus, Mercury and the Moon, approximately 30 hours old, caught here at Crawfordsburn Mill by Startdust Editor Andy McCrea. Watch the sunsets - the Volcanic dust should make them come alive over the coming days and weeks!

April 2010 - Global Astronomy Month

Global Astronomy Month (GAM 2010) is Astronomers Without Border’s response to the desire to continue IYA2009 into the future.

The IAA's "Springtime Galaxies" observing event on the 16-4-10 was a great success,
attracting almost 30 people, some of whom hadn't looked through a scope before. 
This event was arranged to mark the IAA's participation in Astronomy Without 
Borders 'Global Astronomy Month'. 

The evening started with a beautiful sunset, complete with a sun pillar (see left), which was enhanced after the volcanic eruption on Iceland which sent micro-particles of ash into the upper atmosphere, and carried by the gulf stream to create a vivid sunset, followed by a 2 day old moon, and Mercury and Venus coming into view for good measure!
While the sky darkened, a wide range of scopes were setup, ranging from small refractors and reflectors, all the way up to our 16" Lightbridge. The sky darkened to reveal a beautifully dark sky, so we began observing some of the brighter Messier deepsky objects before moving on to some NGC objects later in the evening. An Iridium flare and a large number of satellites were also observed. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly seeing the spiral structure in M51 through the 16", and letting everyone there enjoy the same view.
A big thank you to all those who participated to make the event such a success, please keep an eye on the IAA forum for the next event!

Images: David Stewart

Image: Paul Evans

IAA/IYA 2009 "Space and Aliens Competition" - Results!

The judges deliberations are over! The results are out!

Congratulations go to Overall Grand Winner, Martin Campbell from Dungannon. Congratulations also to all those winners and placed in the specific categories.

There was a very large number of entries in the art category, particularly in the junior and intermediate sections. The standard was very high, and judging was very difficult! And the standard in the photographic section was exceptional!

The full results in all the categories are here...



New! Observing Information page and Search Engine

http://irishastro.org.uk/observinginfo.html This new addition to the website gives live and up to date information on Weather, Moon phase, ISS, Sunspots, Corona and Aurora conditions as well as a monthly Sky map. Well worth a look before planning an observing session! Also, entering any search term into the search box above will bring up a Google results page listing occurences of the term on this site, in IAA news or on the IAA forum!

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