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IAA Observing Programme 2012-13

At Delamont Country Park  (click for map)

        or Big Collin Picnic Area

The IAA observing nights are planned with a degree of flexibility to accommodate our variable weather. The first preference night is usually a Friday and will be chosen to coincide with a particular event - eg a meteor shower, first quarter Moon or moonless sky. An update will always be shown on the IAA Forum  to indicate whether the session is going ahead. This is generally updated at 6pm on the Friday evening concerned. If the weather is uncooperative on the Friday, the second choice evening will be the Saturday. Again, the forum will be updated at 6pm to give a go/no-go decision based on the weather. Finally, if both nights are washouts then we will have a go on the second choice weekend!

New for this season, in response to a request from members, we are going to hold some observing sessions at the Big Collin Picnic Area just north of Ballyclare in County Antrim. This is an easier site to get to for those of our members located North of Belfast and has particularly good sky views to the North and East.

The sessions are designed to cater for all levels of capability and beginners of all ages are most welcome.

We will usually have the IAA's 16" Meade Lightbridge telescope available for viewing of Deep Sky objects and members will bring a range of telescopes suited to viewing different objects. For early arrivers there's generally a Fry-Up in progress before the sky darkens - bring your own frying pan, bangers, bacon etc!


1st choice

2nd choice

SEPT' 12




Lunar Watch

OCT' 12



NOV' 12



DEC' 12



JAN' 13



Lunar Watch

FEB' 13



North Down Museum

MAR' 13


IAA Messier Hunt


IAA Messier Hunt

APR' 13



All dates provisional - subject to amendment


Meet between 7.30pm and 8.00pm

Observing nights will be held on the first dates in the month shown, with Friday being the main night.

This will change to Saturday if the weather is poor on the Friday night.

If the weather is poor on the first Friday and Saturday nights in the month then the later dates in the month will be used.

It is important to check what's happening at 6.00pm on the IAA Forum before setting out.

Wear warm clothing and bring a hot drink.

The Barrier at Delamont comes down at 9.00pm - be in before that.

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