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IAA Lecture Programme 2012-2013

The lecture programme is held in association with the School of Mathematics and Physics, Queen's University Belfast. It runs from September until the end of April and is held in the Bell Lecture Theatre in the Physics Building, main campus, Queen's University, Belfast.

Meetings start at 7-30pm sharp and consist of a short talk given by one of our members followed by the main lecture, usually given by a Professional Astronomer.

The lecture over, light refreshments are available free of charge. At this time members are free to mix and discuss the latest astronomical news and events. The meeting finishes at 10.00pm. Non-members are also welcome to attend!

19th September

Leo Enright

”Mountaineering on Mars: Into the canyon-lands of Gale Crater,  to scale the summit of a mountain taller than Mont Blanc.”

3rd October

Dr Peter Gallagher (Trinity College, Dublin)

“LOFAR and the Rosse Observatory”

17th October

 Dr Lucie Green (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Univ College London)

“The Sun” (with ARC, in Larmour Lecture Theatre)

31st October

Dr Daniel Mortlock (Imperial College, London)

“Searching for the rarest objects in the universe".

14th November

Dr Ian Elliott (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

“Solar Activity and Our Climate”

28th November

Dr Rubina Kotak (Queens University, Belfast)

“Cosmic Rulers, Standard Candles and Type 1A Supernovae”

12th December

Andy McCrea & Terry Moseley (IAA)

 “The Australian Total Solar Eclipse”

9th January 2013

 Prof Phil Dufton (Queens University, Belfast)

“45 Years in Astronomy”

23rd January

Dr Tolis Christou (Armagh Observatory)

“Horseshoes, Tadpoles and other Weirdnesses: Asteroids and Planets Learning to Live Together”

6th February

Prof Lorraine Hanlon (University College, Dublin)

“The Gloria Project”

20th February

TBC (prob Dr Chris Watson)

6th March

Prof Tom Ray (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

“From Pebbles to Planets: Our changing ideas of how the Solar System formed”

20th March

Prof Alan Fitzsimmons (Queens University, Belfast)

“Data Mining The Asteroid Belt”

3rd April


17th April

 AGM + Members Talk


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